Community Calendar

Welcome to the new RMCCN Community Calendar. We hope its enhanced features help you keep abreast of what is happening in the Rocky Mountain compassionate communication community.

February 2019

Friday 1st Compassionate Parenting - Longmont We love our children so much, and yet we can get so overwhelmed… We so want to support them and guide them, and yet we get flustered and lose track of what really matters as we are trying to get to an appointment on time…
Friday 1st Relationships: Clear. Empowered. Together. Learn how to transform your judgments and arguments into understanding and peaceful interactions to meet needs. Learn how to really listen to your partner and share your understanding. Learn how to express yourself clearly and with compassion so your partner can hear and respond with care. Learn how to become heart-fully curious and connected to experience more joy in your relationship.
Saturday 2nd Keeping It Real With Compassionate Communication: Creating Connection Amid Difficult Situations - Denver Connection is grounded in security and security requires clarity. Communication is the way we connect. When our communication is unclear, confusion often plagues us. This class explores how we can communicate clearly and listen deeply, thus creating more connection our lives.
Sunday 3rd NVC Community and Friends Gathering - Denver FREE Socail Gathering. Hang out and get to know others in the NVC community.
Wednesday 6th The Art Of Compassion: Exploring The Fundamentals Of NVC Awareness And Creating A Path To Love And Fulfillment - Golden This five week class provides a comprehensive overview of Nonviolent Communication, developed by Marshall Rosenberg. Ideal for people new to NVC. Great for practitioners who want to deepen their existing NVC skills and consciousness. The class follows Marshal Rosenberg's seminal book Nonviolent Communication, A Language Of Life.
Saturday 9th The NonViolent Communication Fundamentals Class - Boulder NVC is founded on language and communication skills that guide us in re-framing how we express ourselves and hear others. This one day class is a dynamic introduction and review of the NVC mindset and its key principles.
Friday 15th Long-Lasting Partnerships For Revitalizing Communities - Radio Interview February 15, 2019 from 8:30 am - 9:30 am MST, Jessica Dancingheart and Kathy Partridge will interview Jenna Koloski of the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD), about the 20+ year old process VCRD uses for creating long-lasting partnerships for revitalizing communities.
Sunday 17th The RMCCC Compassion Sampler FREE - Louisville This month's theme: Connecting Authentically Through the Beauty of Our Needs. This is a great way to introduce family and friends to the transforming and healing power of communication with compassion.
Wednesday 20th Speaking Honestly in Challenging Situations - Boulder The theme of this next class is Speaking Honestly in Challenging Situations.
Friday 22nd Changing Your Inner Dialogue - Niwot During this highly interactive workshop weekend you will develop skills for identifying the needs behind your negative self‑talk and explore how to transform them into life affirming and loving inner dialogue.
Tuesday 26th The Happy Solopreneur Workshop - Longmont Do you want to run your business with greater ease? Are you wanting to rekindle your passion? Do you struggle with purpose and motivation? In this two-hour workshop you will learn techniques to: