Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Online

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These trainings will be conducted through Zoom with both phone-in and video-conferencing options. After enrolling, you will receive instructions for connecting to the call.

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Tuesday, November 30 6:00 pm
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Walk A Mile In My Shoes - What If I Don't Wanna?

Empathy, Authenticity, Curiosity

With Jacqueline Muller And David Steele

Two Tuesdays Nov 30 and Dec 7; 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. MST

NVC focuses a lot on empathy. It also focuses on power with instead of domination and submission. What do we do in situations where we think we should be empathetic but we simply don't want to? Do we push ahead with empathy even if it lacks heart, asking the part of us not interested in empathy to submit? Does our desire to not be empathetic dominate the part of us that does? To empathize or not to empathize? That is the question. How do we hold both impulses in a power with partnership?

More information and registration: https://rmccn.org/rmccn-presents-walk-mile-my-shoes