Unleash Your Creativity - Online

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Evon Davis Send E-mail.

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Sunday, July 29 6:30 pm
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Unleash Your Creativity

With Evon Davis

July 29. Self-Paced for 12 weeks. Weekly live group check-in.

Unleash Your Creativity is a 12-Week Program based on NVC principles that follows the structure of The Artist’s Way. This course adds in my own experience with other consciousness-expanding technologies which I have developed as a Life Transformation Coach and Accredited Facilitator with Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network, and the benefit of a group of people who will learn and grow together, sharing their experiences as they move through the program.

Life can be fulfilling or it can be full of creative blocks. I’ve seen both. I’ve lived both. Unblocked is better!
In the course of my life, I have met so many people who wander through life, doing what they need to do in order to survive, but feel lack-luster about their prospects, yet have no idea who they could really be or what they could really do. They have a vague sense that something is missing, but would not be able to articulate the cause of the problem if you asked them to.

NVC and The Artist's Way are two extraordinarily powerful transformational technologies. By combining them, you turbo-charge your capacity for breaking through blocks to your creativity and expanding your self-awareness.

This is a web-based program and only requires access to a computer and internet.

It is self-paced and includes a weekly internet conference call through Zoom, Date and Time based on what the participants choose.

Zoom is a free conference call platform easily accessible through the internet. The conference can also be joined by phone.

Disclaimer: This event is independently organized. RMCCC assumes no responsibility for this event. RMCCC was not involved in its design or execution and makes no guarantees, implicit or explicit, regarding its quality or content. RMCCC receives no financial or other benefit from this event; it is posted as a service to our community and to support others in growing Compassionate Communication awareness.