Anger and Liberation: An Open Heart Training - Denver South

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David Steele Send E-mail.


Unity Spiritual Center; 3021 S. University Blvd.; Denver, Colorado 80210

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Saturday, May 12 1:00 pm


Anger and Liberation:

Redirecting the energy from anger to heal your life
An Open Heart Training

With David Steele

Saturday May 12th, 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Learn how anger can help you overcome fear and find joy.
Learn how anger reveals neglected aspects of yourself.
Understand where anger comes from.

Anger energizes our physiology, propelling us to action. When we hide from anger, our actions are often blind and hurtful, a bolt of lightning that causes indiscriminate damage or a cold indifference that festers as loneliness. Hence we avoid anger out of fear of the destruction and isolation it can cause. Yet, it is this very avoidance that holds us captive to its destructive tendencies.

The Open Heart Series explores how a compassionate spirit coupled with nonviolent communication principles can transform our lives. These experiential training have defined structures for the mind, feelings exploration for the heart, and kinesthetic activities for the body.

This integration of mind, heart, and body, held in compassionate awareness, is designed to produce a sense of wholeness where we are able to welcome who we are unconditionally and experience our totality. We then recognize our kinship with others; our relationships and quality of life deepens, and aliveness burns brightly within the present moment.

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